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moreThe Killing of John Lennon - 18th Aug. 2006, Eddie Cockrell - Variety

"impressionistic, widescreen tour-de-force that unfolds with the propulsive urgency of a scrapbook thrown into a howling wind."

"at once, frighteningly intense in its emotions and kaleidoscopically broad in its period feel."

"Tech credits are pro down the line, with Roger Eaton's nervous widescreen images strongly emulating the nocturnal chill of "Collateral" to smashing effect."

more21st Nov. 2000, Channel 4 – Making Movies - Roger Eaton - Cinematographer

A collaboration, the object of which is to enhance the cinematic art and craft within the boundaries of the director's vision.

moreTruck of Dreams - 5th Jun. 2005, Amy Parker - That’s Life Magazine

“The thing I loved most about the film was that it was so visually stunning - everything from the landscapes to the festival scenes, to the characters themselves.”

moreThe Killing of John Lennon - 27th Apr. 2007, By Peter Sorel-Cameron for CNN

it is truly an indie masterpiece”

“this is a well-made and thought-provoking film” 

moreThe Killing of John Lennon - 16th Aug. 2006, Allan Hunter in Edinburgh - Screen International

"Beautifully crafted, it studiously avoids sliding into the sensationalist mire of exploitation fare like Dahmer (2002). Instead, it offers an impressionistic journey into the mind set of John Lennon’s assassin in the months leading up to their fatal encounter at the Dakota Building in December 1980."

"This lends a documentary-like verisimilitude to the film that is allied to a boldly cinematic approach. The widescreen compositions immediately lend the film a sense of scale and it becomes almost experimental in the way it seeks to find visual and aural means of expressing the torments within Chapman."

moreTruck of Dreams - 7th May. 2005, Elliott Jordan - Actor

"The film was beautifully shot and the performances were full of energy and realism- just like "City of God".... a very moving story."

moreThe Killing of John Lennon - 11th Aug. 2006, V.A. MacIan Score - BFFS Scotland

"While The Killing of John Lennon is a truly profound look at the thin line between sociopathy and obsessed fan, this film is also a wonderful look at what dedicated film makers can achieve."

"This work is eminently watchable, beautifully crafted, something that any aspiring be film maker should watch."

moreThe Toy Box - 21st Jul. 2005, j-phillips-1 from United Kingdom IMDB

“The best hand held camera work I've ever seen”............

“But what I was really blown away by was the hand held camera work in the last third of the film. If Toybox had been made by a major studio, the execs would have reigned the film-makers in, but instead they really pushed out the envelope here. I would say it's the best hand held camera work I've seen - since Festen.”

moreThe Killing of John Lennon - 18th Aug. 2006, S F Said - Daily Telegraph

“The most intriguing British film so far has been The Killing of John Lennon, a dramatic reconstruction of the events leading to Mark Chapman's assassination of John Lennon in 1980.” - Daily Telegraph -S F Said reports from the Edinburgh Film Festival.

moreThe Toy Box - 16th Aug. 2005, SLASHERPOOL

“many scenes are filmed quite stunningly with a
hand-held camera which is awesome” 

moreThe Killing of John Lennon - 1st Aug. 2006, EDINBURGH FILM FESTIVAL 2006

“In the footsteps of the assassin... A true independent, the widescreen look of Andrew Piddington's latest feature belies its modest budget: no shabby exploitation-style thriller, it's instead a supremely well-crafted, handsomely made meditation on the relationship between celebrities and their public - as well as a journey into the twisted mind of killer Mark David Chapman,”

“It will doubtless become one of the most talked-about titles of the year."

moreThe Killing of John Lennon - 20th Aug. 2006, Jason Solomons - The Observer

Bang, bang, shoot, shoot “The Killing of John Lennon provided the festival's most controversial film, taking us into the warped mind of one of the world's first celebrity stalkers and seeking, for the first time on film, to expound on one of the most famous murders in history.”

“re-creating New York's tawdry atmosphere with skill. It stood out as a noteworthy world premiere at the festival.”

more1st Sep. 2000, Don Harris - ARRI News

Crescendo in Colour Roger Eaton, Director of Photography, recently used the ARRI Ultra Primes to film a short, contemporary drama called COURIER, the script of which won an Alfred Hitchcock Award.

moreThe Toy Box - 23rd Oct. 2005, Wheels of Terror

“The camerawork is great, crisp and clear. It's shot entirely on digital which, I feel, is a cheaper costing method that provides a better image and easier to edit & enhance.” 

moreThe Killing of John Lennon - 15th Aug. 2006, MILES FIELDER - The Herald

“It's a handsomely assembled film, shot in widescreen with numerous stylistic flourishes, and occasionally reminiscent of Martin Scorsese's mediation of the mind of a killer, Taxi Driver.”

moreThe Killing of John Lennon - 13th Aug. 2006, ALLAN HUNTER - SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY

“Kudos comes from taking risks

The most obvious comparison is with Taxi Driver and Chapman feels an affinity with the alienation of Robert De Niro's Travis Bickle.”

“The film has a great cinematic sweep as it depicts the months leading Chapman from Hawaii to his obsessive pursuit of Lennon and his fatal encounter outside the Dakota Building in December 1980.”

more1st May. 2000, Anwar Brett - FUJI Exposure -Attention to Detail - An Interview with Roger Eaton

“My whole thing is to get into the director’s head and then to make that into pictures”

moreWaterbaby - 30th Apr. 2002, Green Party Press Office

Green Party makes history with first internet viral film advertising campaign

Green Party uses cutting edge technology for broadcast

moreTruck of Dreams - 28th Jul. 2005, Robert Watts - Producer (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Who Framed Roger Rabbit etc)

“Truck of Dreams allowed me to enter a world where dreams do become reality. Congratulations Arun Kumar. Brilliant!”

moreWaterbaby - 17th Apr. 2002, Green Party Press Office

Greens stand by controversial film


Portrayal of child death is justified

moreTruck of Dreams - 10th Jul. 2005, Janie Rayne - Photographer

'Very powerful images which are still with me in vivid detail.’

more26th Dec. 2006, Cihan Narin - Music On-Air

"I realised that at moment that I should have really always been doing moving pictures, because I was also very interested in narrative within still pictures, to distil that narrative into a single image"